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BRAND: Loop Link Coachsulting

SERVICES: Website Copywriting, Content Creation and Management

Operations consultant and CEO of Loop Link Coachsulting, Theresa Truong supports creative consultants and strategists to achieve consistent growth through the power of operations, systems, and flexibility.


When Theresa first reached out to The Quirky Pineapple Studio, she expressed that she was looking for help re-adjusting and revamping the message and website copy. Overall, she felt that both of these were misaligned with her new vision and that they didn’t convey the message she wanted to share with her audience. 

Eager to infuse her personal journey and ethos into her website – all without detracting from her extensive professional background – Theresa was struggling to find a balance between showcasing her expertise and sharing her personal story. And even though she recognized that she needed to break free from the constraints of “corporate speak”, she wasn’t sure how to incorporate a more personable and engaging voice into her content.

This struggle ultimately highlighted a broader issue: the difficulty of navigating the fine line between “professionalism” and “personal touch” in a way that accurately reflects a brand’s identity.


Understanding the importance of aligning her brand with her evolving vision, Theresa was determined to transform the digital face of Loop Link Coachsulting through a more authentic and engaging online presence that truly reflected her brand’s personality. 

Her goals were clear, and included the following:

  • Add more personality to her website copy
  • Refresh her brand message and website copy to align with the direction of the business and connect with more of her ideal clients
  • Bring in a more fun and personable tone of voice, shifting away from the stiff and formal “corporate speak” she’d used in the past


To support Theresa’s vision and goals, we focused on crafting a new brand message that would serve as the cornerstone of her updated brand identity. From there, we worked toward developing an organic content marketing strategy tailored to Instagram, her blog, and the Loop Link newsletter.

At the same time, we worked to create a series of branded templates and visual content that she could share across her social media channels. This approach not only streamlined her content creation process, it also reinforced her brand’s visual identity across different platforms. 

This, in turn, helped her forge stronger connections with her audience – laying the groundwork for building genuine relationships – and empowered Theresa to elevate her brand and cultivate more dynamic interactions with her community.

Lastly, a key component of our project was to refine and highlight Theresa’s personal journey. By establishing a more personal founder’s story, we brought Theresa’s rich background and unique perspective to the forefront – making her brand more relatable and compelling to her audience.


Working alongside Theresa to redefine her brand presence and enhance her digital engagement, we saw some incredible results:

  • Revitalized content channels: Shaking things up, we updated her newsletter, blog, and Instagram profile to transform them into vibrant platforms for engagement and community-building. By consistently sharing various types of content, we were able to re-engage her existing audience.
  • Expanded reach: By refining and communicating her updated brand message, we also connected with new audiences who felt aligned with her vision and mission. This helped broaden her reach and introduce her services to a wider audience.
  • Shared personal journey: Theresa started sharing her personal story confidently while also highlighting her experience and achievements. This move not only deepened her connection with her audience, but also cemented her as a professional.
  • Business growth: As a direct result of our efforts, Theresa’s business went through a period of growth both on and offline. After the overhaul, she filled her schedule and signed on three of her highest-paying clients for her premium service.

“If you’re looking for a strategic partner who can help you become more present, visible, and heard online and on social media, Cassandra and the TQP team are what you’re looking for! 

They’ll walk with you to make sure your content and your business are taken care of to free up more of your time to focus on what you do best!”

Theresa Baretta, Founder of Loop Link Coachsulting


Leveraging The Quirky Octopus™ Framework, we supported Theresa on her mission to revitalize her brand’s digital presence and deepen her connection with her target audience.

1. Setting the strategy (6 months): We kicked things off by crafting a bespoke strategy for each platform: Instagram, the blog, and the newsletter. This involved determining the right posting frequency, defining content pillars, and brainstorming ideas for branded content specific to Loop Link Coachsulting.

At the same time, we honed in on developing the brand voice and message – ensuring that every piece of content resonated with Theresa’s audience and amplified her brand’s unique identity.

2. Onboarding: From there, we walked Theresa through the updated strategy and brand message, set up branded templates and scheduling platforms, and optimized her profile across platforms — including bios, headshots, and images — to create a more branded and elevated feel.

3. Creating the content: To streamline the process, we developed easy-to-edit content and collaborative documents/graphics that allowed for simplified rounds of feedback (when necessary). For this, we focused on creating dynamic content that was easily shareable, engaging, and fun – effectively sharing more of the personality behind the Loop Link brand.

4. Monthly check-ins and revisions: Focused on evaluating progress and planning for the future, we held regular meetings with the Loop Link Coachsulting team to review social media stats and data, and to strategize for the following month or any upcoming launches.

5. Other key moments: Throughout the collaboration, we updated Loop Link’s website copy across 10 pages – including landing pages, sales pages, home, about, and more. Additionally, we also worked to integrate storytelling, intersectional and inclusive copywriting, and sales psychology throughout the website. Together, this resulted in a comprehensive brand refresh that showcased Looplink Coachsulting’s evolved identity and vision.


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