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Branded Copy Style Guide

Before working together, Chelsea had bits and pieces of her brand message and “branded” copy in a Word document. She had copied and pasted phrases that she loved from her brand message and short sentences that her clients used to describe her work, but one thing she was lacking was serious structure and consistency to easily use and share her brand message, that was consistent across all platforms, for her two separate audiences. During our time together, we took all the bits and snippets of her “brand copy” and created a full “Branded Copy Style Guide” for her business.

I’m so excited for Chelsea to use this copy guide, specific to her brand and ideal audience, to share her mission and vision across all her platforms and in marketing collateral! We worked together to write a 16-page copy guide that included the Chelsea Lane Photography general brand message and further breaking it down to her two clientele, small weddings, and small businesses. She now has a unique mission and vision statement, client word banks for each of her ideal audiences, and taglines and phrases that she can use for her photography business. Now, she doesn’t need to worry about searching through different Word documents for swipe copy to use, she has a full copy guide unique to her message, brand personality, tone, and voice!

“Cassandra was professional, quick and thoughtful in our work together. I appreciated the new ideas she brought to the table and she was open to all of my feedback as well. It felt like a partnership on a fun project!” – Chelsea Bollhoefer

Chelsea Lane Photography

Copywriting & Brand Message

Branded Copy Style Guide

  • One 60-minute call
  • Branding Questionnaire
  • “Branded Copy Style Guide”
  • Up to 2 revisions
  • Folder of all deliverables
  • One 30-minute client wrap-up call

Process Examples:


After creating Chelsea’s ‘Branded Copy Style Guide’, she is able to quickly to refer to her new document for all the swipe copy. She’s able to refer back to the copy style guide for her own marketing collateral, share on other websites, her own website, and on social media to talk directly to her ideal clients and her own style and in a way that will engage her community!

She no longer needs to jump around from different platforms, looking for phrases, sentences, or words that she likes, she has all of her branded copy in one place for quick reference and in a format to update should her brand message, voice, or tone, change in the future!

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