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Event Coordination

¿Cenamos? is a monthly intimate dinner series for entrepreneurs with the goal to provide a community to network, collaborate, and not feel alone on their entrepreneurial journey. Each event has its own theme, which will change each month. Come celebrate, relish in good food and drinks, and find a network that can share in the highs and lows of this journey and lifestyle.

On occasion, ¿Cenamos?, the dinner series, can pop up in any part of the world, in English, Spanish or Spanglish.

This networking event series is created and developed by Cassandra T. Le (our founder)!

“The dinner was beautifully coordinated from the venue, decor, flow of the event, and menu. Working with The Quirky Pineapple Studio and their team to bring my vision to life was easy and effortless. We worked together to come up with the details of the event, decor, and flow that matched my vision, and they took care of the social media, event photography, and videography! Their network of connections throughout Madrid (and other areas of the world) brought my vision of ¿Cenamos? to life!”

Cassandra T. Le

Event Coordination & Event Coverage

Event Coordination

  • 1 90-minute initial meeting
  • Unlimited email & Voxer messages
  • Event design & styling
  • Vendor sourcing and coordination
  • Event budget
  • Detailed report after event
  • 30-minute event debrief meeting
  • Event coverage (social media, photos, and event video)

Event Photos:


The event was an absolute success! ¿Cenamos? sold out and then proceeded to add 3 extra tickets for attendees that wanted to attend! Guests came from different countries, industries, and niches to sit down and share a meal together. The conversation flowed from English to Spanish, with other languages in-between. After our initial meeting, the ¿Cenamos? team worked with us to develop branded copy and a flow for the event with branded aspects to bring the experience together.

The dinners are now quickly growing in popularity in Madrid, Spain and have guests coming from all parts of the world and different stages of their career!

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