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In the summer of 2019, The Quirky Pineapple Studio hosted a series of webinars and an in-person creative workshops to help business owners and Creators looking to improve their marketing strategies.


Despite understanding the potential of social media and digital marketing, a lot of our clients weren’t sure how to create content that looks good and feels right for their brand. Throw in the need to put together a cohesive and compelling content plan that resonates with their audience, and the entire process can start to feel overwhelming.

In addition to this, most folks were also so deep in the daily grind – looking after clients, managing finances, and tackling administrative tasks – that they couldn’t actually find the time to get smart about content creation, planning, and strategizing.


With this in mind, our primary goal for our participants was to empower them to create on-brand content more consistently to support their marketing efforts.

At TQP Studio, we understand that creating regular, quality content is a great way to engage potential customers and grow a business. In line with this, the events focused on discussing and teaching participants about new ways to capture attention and, ultimately, build brand awareness.

After all, content marketing isn’t just about being seen – it’s about being remembered and standing out in an already saturated market.

Lastly, we also wanted to create an intimate space and foster a supportive, creative community where business owners could network, talk with one another, and discuss the challenges and wins that come with running a small business.


Taking advantage of the summer season’s slower pace, Team Quirky put together a series of community events designed to help business owners establish a solid foundation for content marketing. This involved auditing existing strategies, reassessing objectives, and creating fresh content poised for growth throughout the remainder of the year.

To bring this vision to life, we organized a ‘summer school’ series – aptly named Creative’s Workday: Sesiones del Verano – that comprised a mix of masterclass webinars and an in-person workshop aimed at business owners, freelancers, and creatives eager to elevate their content game.

A key part of the series included our collaboration with Danica of La Feliz Casa. This hands-on workshop focused on teaching participants how to create compelling content by offering them a chance to learn practical content creation skills – like styling, using props, and storytelling – in a collaborative environment.


Once the session wrapped up, participants felt more prepared and equipped to tackle social media, content marketing, and digital storytelling – all while staying true to their voice and brand identity. 

Here’s a closer look at what came out of the workshop:

  • Enhanced social media content: By the end of the day, participants left with a collection of images and photos that were fully batched and ready for social media use. This not only provided them with a wide array of content to choose from but also helped streamline their content creation process.
  • Blog outlines: With the help of our expert guidance and their creativity, some participants drafted potential blog posts for future use. This set the stage for producing more compelling, narrative content to engage readers and buff up their content marketing strategy.
  • Video storyboards and scripts: Thinking ahead, we worked with participants to put together outlines for video content – providing a blueprint for engaging and dynamic video marketing efforts.
  • Safe space for questions and discussions: The series fostered a supportive mastermind environment where participants could dive deep into discussions about online content and marketing. This meant they felt comfortable enough to ask questions, share insights, and discuss strategies – all so they could learn and grow from each other.


Specifically, the hands-on creative workshop was designed to energize and inspire participants by bringing together creators from various backgrounds to share perspectives and experiment with new content ideas. 

Here’s what that looked like in action:

1. Inspiration and hands-on techniques: The workshop kicked off with Danica sparking our creativity. She covered everything from integrating textures and designs to effectively using colors for creating brand-cohesive content. This session was about encouraging participants to explore and find the right balance for their brand’s aesthetic. 

2. Content strategy: Following Danica’s session, Team Quirky took the lead on all things content and copywriting. We dove headfirst into content strategy, how to repurpose content efficiently, and the art of batching to simplify content creation. This part of the workshop was dedicated to offering guidance and creative inspiration and reinforcing the fact that strategic and engaging content is key to attracting more clients, enhancing visibility, and building a community.

3. Practical application and review: By the end of the workshop, participants were given some time to take and edit photos, write blogs, and sketch out potential video ideas. Once complete, Danica and Cassandra provided personalized feedback to ensure they left with valuable insights and ready-to-implement content strategies.

Photos from the Workshop

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