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The Quirky Pineapple Studio had big plans for summer 2019. While business may be slower during this season, we think it’s the perfect opportunity to hit the ground running and make improvements. When there’s a lull in business take the chance to implement new approaches that will ensure your projects will continue to grow throughout the rest of the year.

Assessing your current strategy and taking note of what has and hasn’t worked is a great place to start. With this in mind, we rolled out our summer school schedule for Creative’s Workday: Sesiones del Verano. A great mix of masterclass webinars and in-person workshops for business owners, freelancers, and creatives looking for better business strategy and marketing tips plus some exciting hands-on experience. Striking a balance between exciting and informative was key here, and we felt pretty good about it!

We collaborated with Danica of La Feliz Casa for our Hands-On Creative workshop. Creating pretty and compelling content was the name of the game.

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Rachel Magruder

Our Goal for Hands-on Creative

Our first session of Creative’s Workday was aimed at helping Madrid creatives get clear on how to craft on-brand and aesthetically pleasing content that’s cohesive across all platforms. Whether you’re looking to establish your brand on social media, in newsletters, or both, it’s important to maintain cohesion. Hands-on Creative gave us two hours of uninterrupted content creation and strategizing freedom in a no-judgment zone. Our creatives left with a month’s worth of content, new connections, and tips and advice to help them continue the creation of consistent visual content in line with their brand’s strategy.

How We Did It

Coming up with unique and powerful content regularly, for any platform, can be challenging (and exhausting if we’re honest), making a fresh pair of eyes a welcome resource. Whether you’re a creative that’s just getting started, or you’ve been in the game for a while and starting to feel burnt out, there’s a lot to be said for a collaborative effort when it comes to your content.

One of the cool things about the Hands-on Creative workshop was that we were able to bring together creators from different backgrounds, giving everyone a unique perspective and a risk-free zone to test out new content ideas. Here’s how Danica and I organized the workshop.

First, Danica got the creative juices flowing by teaching us all about adding textures, design, and how to use colors to create cohesive and branded content. She reminded us that it’s okay to play around in your search for balance and what works best for your brand. You can see some of the action at Danica’s creative station under the Events highlight on the TQP Studio Instagram!

Once the group had some creative direction, I took over the content and copywriting station where we went over content strategy, repurposing content, and batching to make content creation easier and less daunting. Creating content is time-consuming, and we could all benefit from a little help now and again. This workshop gave us the space to do so while offering guidance and artistic inspiration. Because we all know that creating strategic and compelling content will help you bring in more clients, more visibility, and build a community.

By the end of the workshop we had taken and edited photos, crafted blogs, outlined ideas for video content and each participant was able to have me and Danica review their work in a mastermind setting!

Photos from the Workshop

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