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Branding Audit

Devour Tours is the leading tour operator in Spain for immersive and cultural tours throughout the country and top cities. One of their co-founders, Lauren Aloise, reached out about receiving a branding audit for the brand. Internally, they had been working on a subtle new direction for the company for months and was now starting to share about the changes to their audience and public. Before going full-force in sharing about their brand’s small tweak, we worked together to give Devour Tours a brand audit to see if their message and content was clear.

After working together, Devour Tours created small changes to their website to highlight the new direction and focus, shifted their content, and also opened tour operators in three different cities around Europe, Paris, Rome, and Lisbon with the same strong message that we audited before!

“Thank you for giving us your fresh perspective Cassandra, it was very helpful!” – Lauren Aloise, CEO

Devour Tours

Express Brand Intensive

Express Brand Intensive

  • One 90-minute meeting
  • Resources, templates, and more
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Content Strategy
  • Brand Audit
  • Action Plan

Strategy Examples:


After an Express Brand Intensive, focusing specifically on a Brand Audit, the brand took my comments and reworked their message, website copy, and focused on a new angle for their content. They’ve now been able to share their updated brand message to other cities and have opened three new Devour tour operators in Paris, Rome, and Lisbon – all carrying the same clear message… to “feed your curiosity”!

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