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BRAND: Oriana Fowler

SERVICES: Website Copywriting, Content Creation and Management

Oriana Fowler is a wedding, vacation, and portrait photographer based in Charleston, South Carolina. Her mission is to capture life’s most authentic and cherished moments with an easy-going and creative approach.


When we connected, Oriana was struggling to find a way to boost her online presence and audience engagement to promote her photography business.

For starters, she struggled with showing up consistently on social media – a big component of building an engaged following in her field – and also grappled with how to effectively infuse her unique personality into her digital platforms.

To make matters more challenging, Oriana was also looking to update her website copy to accurately convey her brand message. Ideally, she wanted to strike a balance between showcasing her professional skills and her personal touch, however, she struggled with finding the right words and maintaining a cohesive brand voice throughout her copy.


Understanding the importance of maintaining a strong online presence to achieve her business objectives, we set three main goals alongside Oriana to enhance the way she was marketing herself online.

These goals included the following:

  • Solidify her authority as an experienced photographer for weddings 
  • Book more clients through Instagram
  • Turn her Instagram feed into a portfolio of her work


To elevate Oriana’s online presence and help her reach her goals, we started on a comprehensive project that addressed her digital marketing needs from the ground up.

By developing a brand message and organic content marketing strategy tailored specifically for Instagram and her website, we worked toward showcasing her work and communicating her unique value proposition (aka, her fierce factor) as a wedding and event photographer.

We also worked to create a comprehensive Brand Message Handbook that included her updated brand message, mission, vision, and outlined the brand personality and tone. This document served as a guideline to ensure consistency across all her digital platforms.

From there, we designed a collection of branded templates and content that could be shared across social media – all of which were designed to reflect Oriana’s unique style and tone.

Lastly, we went ahead and refreshed her social media strategy to make room for a more engaged and active community. This involved identifying and implementing best practices for audience interaction and content engagement.


Working with Oriana to amplify her digital presence and establish her as the go-to wedding and vacation photographer in Charleston, we achieved the following milestones:

  • Consistent Instagram presence: By implementing an aligned strategy and content plan, Oriana began showing up on Instagram consistently. Having content mapped out months in advance allowed for a regular posting cadence that aligned with her company’s launch plans, direction, and goals.
  • Enhanced brand awareness: Through various types of content – from Instagram lives to videos and stories – we increased brand awareness and trust among her audience. This new approach to content helped Oriana connect more deeply with her followers.
  • SEO-optimized & aligned website copy: To draw attention to her website, we fully optimized her copy with SEO and destination keywords, ensuring it ranked higher in search results and attracted the right clients. The website copy was also revamped to reflect the new brand direction and Oriana’s personality, creating a cohesive and engaging online presence.
  • Educational blog posts: By creating educational and long-form blog content, we brought organic traffic to her website and provided her with content that could be shared on Pinterest to further extend her reach.

“Working with Cassandra and The Quirky Pineapple Studio team was the BEST thing I have done for my business this year!!!

We worked on two projects together, including copywriting. TQP really “got” my voice very quickly! They did a wonderful job! We also created a strategy for Instagram management that achieved results and inquiries more quickly than I honestly expected.

In addition, Cassandra goes above and beyond. She pushed my business forward and brought ideas to the table. Rather than just sticking to a strict content delivery, her approach & strategy to content and copy gave me a holistic push & forward momentum in my business overall!

Thank you, The Quirky Pineapple Studio, so grateful for your work glad to have found you!!”

Oriana Fowler


To transform Oriana’s online presence and increase her engagement and bookings, we took a detailed approach that followed The Quirky Octopus™ Framework:

1. Setting the strategy: To start, we developed a 3-month Instagram strategy and a 6-month blog post strategy, tailoring each to suit the platform’s unique audience and Oriana’s goals. This included defining posting frequency, identifying content pillars, and brainstorming ideas around branded content for Oriana Photography.

2. Onboarding: From there, we had a comprehensive walkthrough of the brand message strategy with Oriana to identify any potential gaps and opportunities. During this time, we also created a collection of branded templates, set up scheduling platforms, and optimized her social media profile information. This included updating her bios, headshots, and images to elevate her brand’s online appearance.

3. Creating the content: Streamlining the process for efficient review and feedback, Team Quirky produced a variety of easy-to-edit branded graphics, Instagram stories, Instagram lives, and blog posts specifically designed to highlight Oriana’s expertise. Additionally, we also wrote SEO-optimized blog posts to draw organic traffic from couples looking to hire a destination wedding photographer in Charleston, SC.

4. Copywriting: To accurately reflect Oriana’s brand identity and attract her ideal clients, our copywriting efforts included writing 6 pages of SEO-optimized website copy. Pulling in from her personality and enthusiasm, we showed her style and approach. This made her online presence as vibrant and inviting as her photography.

5. Monthly check-ins and revisions: Along with this, we also hosted regular monthly sessions with Oriana to review social media statistics and data, plan for the upcoming months, and prepare for any potential launches. This constant communication ensured that Oriana’s marketing efforts were always aligned with her evolving goals and audience’s needs.

5. Other key moments: Oriana’s transformation into an “Instagram Goddess” – as her community and clients referred to her – was a testament to our collaborative efforts, and the results of our strategy were evident in various ways. From the multiple inquiries for family portraits she received from people in Charleston, South Carolina to getting her first inquiry for a wedding at Folly Beach just days after updating her website copy, her online and offline presence significantly grew during our time together.

This, paired with her newfound confidence to show up on Instagram and share more personal aspects of her life, boosted her visibility and set a solid foundation for continued growth and success.


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