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Life transition coach and digital nomad Lyda Michopoulou (they/them) reached out to Team Quirky looking for help creating SEO-friendly website copy for their new business, Unwrapped Evolutions. 

Unsure of how to effectively integrate keywords and well-written content without compromising their brand’s vision, Lyda wanted to increase their online presence and attract their target audience more effectively with the help of a website.


Lyda Michopoulou’s journey while building out their business, Unwrapped Evolutions, highlighted a unique set of needs that combined the complexity of identity, values, and digital expression. 

To effectively translate this into their brand’s voice, Lyda was looking to work with a copywriting team that held a deep understanding of inclusive language – reflecting their non-binary identity – and a commitment to intersectional feminist and anti-capitalist principles.

Despite having a strong sense of their brand’s ethos, the main challenge was the uncertainty behind how they could communicate their mission, vision, and services in a clear and impactful way that showcased their unique approach and philosophy. 

Additionally, Lyda was also unsure about how to structure and organize their website and wanted to finalize the website copy before working with a designer to bring their vision to life.


Taking into account Lyda’s needs and wants, we put together a comprehensive copywriting plan that included the following goals:

  • Write 6 pages of copy that reflects Unwrapped Evolution’s brand voice, style, and tone.
  • Share Lyda’s personal story in a compelling way to connect with potential clients.
  • Create clear and concise website copy that enhances brand awareness, builds trust, and encourages conversions.


By emphasizing the importance of a strategic approach and audience engagement, we identified 6 key website pages that would best serve Lyda’s objectives. 

These pages were:

  • Home
  • About
  • Services
  • Book
  • Speaking
  • Contact

For each of these pages, we carefully mapped out the direction, goals, and specific angles while, at the same time, incorporating clear calls-to-action (CTAs) to then create an intuitive sales funnel designed to guide visitors seamlessly through the site.

During the entire process, we prioritized the use of inclusive language and storytelling techniques to ensure that the content resonated deeply with the target audience. Along with this, we also paid close attention to SEO best practices to enhance search engine visibility.

Lastly, we also developed a dedicated book sales page that served the immediate need of promoting Lyda’s new book and provided a useful template for any future launches.


Once done, we were able to provide Lyda with powerful and engaging website copy that laid a solid foundation for Unwrapped Evolutions’ website. 

Here’s what that looked like at the end of the project:

  • SEO-Optimized Website Copy: Created six pages of SEO-optimized website copy, ready to be handed off to the website designer for development. These pages were carefully designed to embody Unwrapped Evolutions’ ethos and goals.
  • Enhanced Website Features: All of the copy we created incorporated strategic CTAs – which led through a sales funnel – as well as inclusive language, storytelling, and a reflection of the brand’s voice, tone, and message.
  • Clarity & Organization: Streamlined the website copy to be clear and engaging, which ultimately simplified the navigation and boosted readability.
  • Comprehensive Deliverables: Supplied Lyda with all of the essential deliverables and strategic advice to build out their website. This included a detailed guide on leading clients through the site with best practices in mind.

“Working with The Quirky Pineapple Studio was magnificent! I found them when I connected with Cassandra Le at a Digital Nomads Conference and learned more about her business.

In the beginning, I was a bit hesitant, not knowing how the brand I had created would be described properly, but Cassandra and Team Quirky showed me that it was possible!

After getting the final website copy, I feel that Cassandra and Team Quirky were able to see into my soul and transcribe it into words and phrases! Thank you very much! You are amazing! I fully recommend them!!”

Lyda Michopoulou (they/them)
Life Coach for People in an Identity Transition, Founder of Unwrapped Evolutions


Throughout the collaborative process, Team Quirky worked with Lyda to create a strong foundation for their website through the power of inclusive copywriting. 

By staying attentive to their needs and focusing on effective communication, we ensured that every aspect of the website wasn’t just reflective of Lyda’s mission, but also primed for user engagement and SEO effectiveness.

1. Strategy & Onboarding: To kick things off, we went through a comprehensive review of the brand’s message and assets to align our strategies with Lyda’s vision. This process involved clarifying any questions or uncertainties.  

2. Website copywriting: Moving into the copywriting phase, we created a series of easy-to-share and edit documents that simplified receiving and adapting to feedback. During this time, we wrote a total of 6 SEO-optimized website pages that reflected Lyda’s goals, brand messaging, voice, tone, and storytelling style. SEO keywords and meta descriptions were also researched, selected, and shared with Lyda to support seamless integration during the development phase.

3. Ongoing support: To help streamline our workflow, we created a dedicated Voxer channel that allowed us to share feedback, discuss any project-related concerns, and address setbacks or questions promptly. Having access to this communication channel also helped to maintain momentum and kept everyone informed. 

4. Collaborative Development: Once we had established clear preferences and goals, we also worked closely with Lyda to gather and analyze different author and book-related website pages to create a unique and engaging book sales page. This included everything from discussing potential layouts to brainstorming additional creative elements.


Looking to update your website copywriting so it attracts the right clients? The Quirky Pineapple Studio can help you refine your brand messaging to resonate with your audience, enhance your online presence, and drive meaningful engagement – all while staying true to what your brand stands for,
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