Brand Strategy & Content Intensives

Brand & Content Strategy Intensives, so you know exactly what to say the next time someone goes… “So, how is this going to help me?”

brand strategist working in Madrid, brand strategist working with small businesses

You know your work can change lives...

Let’s get you the right words and content to clearly share how.

Brand messaging will save you time, money, and heartache - and that is not a biased opinion!

Forget scrambling to answer the questions of who you are, what you do, who you help, how you help, and why you help… What if you could easily communicate your mission and idea with the world (with all the right words)?

Instead of getting questions like…

“What do you do again?”
“So, how is this going to help me?”
“Can you explain your services… I’m not sure I understand”

Your brand message and strategy could...

Attract the right type of people (clients, sponsors, collaborators) who share your core values and beliefs

Connect emotionally with your community and inspire them to take action

And convert long-time followers into repeat clients

Sounds like inclusive, awesome shit, right?

Together we can get to the core of what makes your brand stand-out and hone in on your fierce factor (what we like to call your unique selling point).

Move through the fear of playing small with your message… 

Imagine boldly sharing what you do and how you do it to people who believe in your mission and want to work with you.

You know your business is here for more than just profits - you want to dismantle systems of oppression, give back to your communities, and make big waves in your industry… What if you had all the words and strategy to get people on board, so you can do awesome, inclusive work COLLECTIVELY?

Let’s define the foundational piece to your brand so it attracts, connects, and converts followers into clients. 

Side effects also tend to include: more client inquiries from aligned prospects, more collaborations with organizations that believe in your mission, and maybe some international Internet stardom.

Ready to get a strong brand message?

Our Brand Strategy & Content Intensives Include:

brand strategist working with small businesses, brand strategy intensives for mission-driven business

A Brand Questionnaire - so we understand your why, mission, vision, values, and can craft your brand voice and personality

Half-day workshop (4hrs) - to work through your brand message, ideal clients, communicating your offers, and reviewing your marketing strategy or website

Call Recording and Transcripts - so you can save this to return back to for the future if you missed anything

Branded Copy Style Guide - a brand messaging guide that houses your entire brand and communication strategy, for any and all future marketing materials

Additional resources and templates - you’ll get resources and templates we’ve designed, to help you organize and streamline your brand strategy and marketing plan

Two 30-min check-in calls after our initial session - so we can address any questions or doubts that come up after our intensive because branding gets personal and things come up

Unlimited Voxer (walkie-talkie) support for 30 days - so you can ask any follow-up questions, bounce around ideas, or check-in after our session

A VIPiña gift - welcoming you to the VIPiña family and thank you for trusting us!

Investment: 2.450€ EURO
payment plans available

**We also offer a Content Strategy Intensive to map out your organic content marketing plan for the next 6 months. Send us a message to let us know if you’re interested in this Intensive!

Sara Obando
Intuitive UX Designer

Utah, USA


Our Brand Strategy or Content Intensives are for you if…

You’re rebranding and want to refresh your brand message to make sure it’s aligned with your new direction

You’ve been DIYing your brand message and although it’s worked before, it’s not connecting like you want or need it to anymore

You want help to map out the next 6 months of your content marketing strategy for an upcoming launch or to increase community engagement

You’ve been getting A LOT of inquiries to work together (YAY!), but most of your leads aren’t sure what you do, who you help, or how you help... they just know they like your vibe

You feel all over the place with your service offerings and don’t know how to clearly communicate the value you offer

Business is growing (*celebrations!*) and as your brand expands, your message needs to encapsulate your mission and vision in a clear and concise way

Our Brand Strategy or Content Intensives are NOT for you if…

You’ve just started your business and are testing and tweaking constantly

You’re looking for someone to tell you what your brand message should be, without trusting in your own experience and knowledge

You want someone to do the work for you (this program is collaborative which means we work together to hone in on your brand message)

If you want accountability and a done with you approach, we recommend joining our co-hosted membership, Business Without the ButsA monthly membership for people who run businesses and want to challenge the status quo and create a more ethical economy through sustainable business practices, marketing without manipulation, and a global community.


The VIPiña Experience (aka how it works)

Step 1

Get in touch and share all the details! We’ll get on a call to see if it’s a good fit based on your goals.

If it is, we’ll send over a proposal, contract, and first invoice to secure your spot. We’ll also schedule our Intensive date so it’s on the calendar!

If it’s not, we’ll refer you to other awesome copywriters we know and trust!

Step 2

We’ll send over your Welcome Packet and Branding Questionnaire for you to complete.

If we require additional materials, we’ll send those over for you to complete before our Intensive date.

Step 3

Time for our Intensive! We’ll spend 4 hours together to map out your entire Brand Strategy or Content Strategy.

After the Intensive, you’ll receive a thorough action plan with notes from our call and we’ll start working on your Branded Copy Style Guide, which will be the foundation for your brand message and communication strategy.

Step 4

We have two 30-min check-in calls during the month after our initial Intensive to answer any questions and make sure you feel great about your brand message.

At the end of your 30 days, we’ll send over your finalized Branded Copy Style Guide and Goodbye Packet with all the information for you!

Accessible Pricing & Investments

Our Brand Strategy & Content Intensives are 2.450€ EURO.

Spain and EU-based companies will be charged VAT unless you are a registered EU VAT holder. 

If you are a non-profit, NGO, or registered 501(c)3, we offer sliding scale pricing for projects that align with our core values and beliefs. If you’re a business owner part of the global majority and belong to a community that is historically underrepresented - holla at us, because we also offer sliding scale pricing for folx whose mission and vision align with our core values and beliefs.

life coach for bipoc introverts and hsps
Maria Javier
Thrive Coach for BIPOC Introverts & HSPs

California, USA

“I was really struggling with finding the words to authentically express who I am, who I serve, how I serve, and my offerings. Cassandra made what I thought would be a stressful process much more enjoyable and fun! She asked all the right questions to help me unpack what I was feeling and thinking so that the final message feels refined and aligned. Her insight into how an audience will receive and process information was particularly helpful and taught me how to examine my own messaging. I had a spectacular experience with Cassandra and The Quirky Pineapple Studio and I highly recommend their services.”