Content Creation and Management

Culturally Aware Content Marketing & Management

So you expand your audience, have deeper connections with your community, and get opportunities knocking on your digital door. We create content to keep you top of mind for your audience, clients, and community.

Content marketing doesn’t have to be draining or chaotic…

It can be the catalyst to turn your brand into a community hub and position it as the ‘go-to’ for the right audience.

Creating content without a plan or strategy gets tiring.

Copying someone else’s content plan or strategy gets frustrating.

Instead of following ‘marketing best practices’ that are stale, or marketing advice you find online - imagine having a tailored strategy and plan to bring your visibility and marketing goals forward.

We hate FOMO just as much as you do and the current marketing landscape makes us all feel like we’re getting left behind (actually, the current capitalist system was created for you to feel like that).

Rather than being in a content marketing hamster wheel that doesn’t yield results…

Imagine if you had a strategic content and social media plan to help you show up consistently and nurture your community, so they’re sending you messages like…

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“WOW, you read my mind!”

“This post was SO helpful / This post COMPLETELY resonated with me”

Or “I’ve been following you for a while, I want to know how to work together…”

We work with established mission-driven brands, thought leaders, and marketing teams to turn your message into a movement AND build the marketing operational systems to support and streamline your content production workflow.

We’ve tried and tested content across all mediums, and all types of marketing like…

  • SEO blog posts
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media content
  • Reels / TikTok
  • Podcasts
  • YouTube videos
  • Or an entire branded content series

The possibilities are (really) endless for the content we can create, together.

Instead of trying to do all the content yourself…

Imagine working with an international marketing team with an intersectional feminist and global lens - so you expand your reach, get noticed for your work, and share your mission.

Let’s create some bangin’ content together! We’ll co-create a sustainable and organic content marketing strategy, then you can leave it to us and we’ll get writing, scheduling, and publishing the content we planned. 

Side effects also tend to include: more client inquiries from aligned prospects, more collaborations with organizations that believe in your mission, and maybe some international Internet stardom.

Ready to create content that shares your work and expands your community?

All content marketing packages start with strategy (that’s how we do our best work)!

Our process for bold content and aligned marketing efforts

Culturally Competent & Liberatory Marketing Strategies

#1 Culturally Competent & Liberatory Marketing Strategies

We start off every project creating an anti-oppressive marketing strategy - this looks like de-centering USA marketing and messaging tactics and instead, developing a unique strategy tailored to your brand and customer’s identities, culture, and values.

Bold & Engaging Copy and Content

#2 Bold & Engaging Content

After we set the strategy we come in to create bold and engaging copy or content that connects with your people. Our copy is anti-oppressive, which means we don’t use sleazy copy tactics for quick sales… we use our copy and content to build community and create connections, while still making money.


#3 Community-Centered

Everything we do is community-centered. If we work together on a retainer basis, we’ll have monthly check-in calls to implement the feedback and data we’ve collected from your community to create better content and copy.

Our goal is to build and grow your community with copy and content that speaks to them.

Here’s how we can LEVERAGE YOUR STORY with content

*6-month requirement on all packages


Done-for-you marketing for brands, companies, and thought leaders that want strategic, consistent, and engaging content on a regular basis. If your goal is to kick-up your content marketing and create omnipresence across various channels - this package will set you up for success.

Bring in Cassandra and The Quirky Pineapple Studio as your Content Marketing Director and team. We’ll not only strategize an entire content marketing plan, we’ll also come in to implement, manage, and produce the content marketing pieces in tandem with the strategy we mapped out together. 

This package is for you if:

You don’t have the budget to hire a full-time marketing employee but need your content marketing up and running with a strategy, plan, and systems

You have an existing marketing manager but need a team to come in with extra support and bandwidth, so you can bring new ideas to life

You want a strategic marketing partner that can take care of all the ‘content stuff’, so you can focus on other areas and know your content is planned and scheduled

Content pieces can be discussed and agreed upon with the client, but generally include:

ORGANIC social media (Instagram and LinkedIn)

Emails (launch emails, regular email newsletters, or email sequences)

Blog posts

Podcast management

What’s included:

Content Questionnaire

60-min monthly check-in calls

Instagram & LinkedIn content creation and management (3-5 posts weekly)

Blog post creation (up to 2 blog posts a month)

Email newsletters (up to 2 emails a month)

SEO Keyword research

Blog post optimization

Quarterly marketing planning dates (2hrs)

Monthly and quarterly content audit & data tracking

Additional content & copy projects at 20% discounted rate

INVESTMENT: 4.000€ EURO / month

social media management for cultural intelligence consultant
Shiva Roofeh
Cultural Intelligence Expert & Mindfuck Master

Madrid, Spain

“The Quirky Pineapple Studio is a magic maker. I’m wowed by the response so far. I know most might not consider 40 something likes and 2-5 comments something big, but what people don’t see are the private messages I’m getting as a response, and I’ve never had consecutive posts get that many interactions!”


Looking for something smaller?

We offer separate packages for social media marketing, blog posts, and email marketing.

Social Media

taking pictures for instagram content, social media manager taking photos for instagram

We offer social media marketing for Instagram and/or LinkedIn. Our packages include:


Platform optimization & update

Setting up scheduling platforms

Understanding and learning the brand

Content questionnaire

Initial 60-min content strategy call

Editorial calendar planning & set-up

Content research


Editorial calendar management

5 posts/weekly

Choosing photos from gallery, captions, grid planning, and graphics creation

Content audit & data tracking

60-min monthly check-in calls

*Instagram management also includes up to 8 Reels created per month.

*LinkedIn management also includes 1 LinkedIn newsletter per month and network building (up to 40 new connection requests per month).


Blog Posts

Our packages for blog posts include:


Platform optimization & update

Understanding and learning the brand

Content questionnaire

Initial 60-min content strategy call

Editorial calendar planning & set-up

Content research


Ranging from up to 2-4 blog posts per month

1000-1200 words

SEO keyword research

SEO optimization

Choosing photos from gallery and graphics creation

Blog post scheduling and posting

Content audit & data tracking with Google Analytics

60-min monthly check-in calls


content creator writing blog posts, content creator writing email newsletters

Our packages for email marketing include:


Platform optimization & update

Understanding and learning the brand

Content questionnaire

Initial 60-min content strategy call

Editorial calendar planning & set-up

Content research


Up to 4 email newsletters per month

A/B Testing

Choosing photos from gallery and graphics creation

Content audit & data tracking

60-min monthly check-in calls

Get in touch to receive a personalized quote for Content Creation & Management

monthly invoicing on all packages

La’Kita Williams, Founder of CoCreate Work, Washington, USA
La’Kita Williams
Founder, CoCreate Work

Washington, USA

“Before working with Cassandra and The Quirky Pineapple Studio we were very inconsistent and had a lot of difficult figuring out what we should be sharing with people online and what would help them. We have worked with another writer before but they weren’t captivating and we also tried to do it ourselves…

Cassandra and the TQP Studio are soooo collaborative, willing to jump in and help us get our message out there. The willingness to help us meet the needs of the moment when it comes to marketing are important and we also appreciate the consistent and shared accountability.

Now we feel more comfortable getting out there. When we made a big push to sell our hiring course, with Cassandra and TQP Studio, we increased our visibility so much we closed several large contracts! Working together has helped put us in the right mindset for what it means to share your message.”


Our Content Marketing & Management Packages are for you if…

You understand the value of strategic content creation and how it can nurture your audience and create brand awareness

You’ve been doing content marketing on your own, but it’s taking up WAY too much of your time and you can’t create content AND do your work (where’s the time for rest and play?)

You feel stressed and worried thinking about keeping up with marketing trends and learning how to create new and exciting content with algorithm changes

Honestly, sitting down to write SEO optimized blog posts and email newsletters just isn’t your thing… and you want some help!

If you want to DIY your content marketing strategy instead, we recommend our Converting Content Bundle! A toolbox to help you scale your impact, build upon meaningful connections and create a profitable business through story and content.

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The VIPiña Experience (aka how it works)

Step 1

Get in touch and share all the details! We’ll get on a call to see if it’s a good fit based on your goals and budget.

If it is, we’ll send over a proposal, contract, and first invoice to secure your spot.

If it’s not, we’ll refer you to other awesome marketers we know and trust!

Step 2

We’ll send over your Welcome Packet and Content Questionnaire for you to complete.

Once that’s done, we’ll get on a call to discuss your content marketing strategy and goals.

Step 3

We get to creating engaging and fun content with your marketing goals in mind!

You get to focus on other areas of your business or… just relax!

We’ll have monthly check-ins to review the plan and data for the following month.


Content Marketing Director packages are 4.000€ EURO per month with a 6-month requirement. Content Marketing & Management packages start at 1.200€ EURO per month with a 6-month requirement. All Content Packages start with Strategy to set the foundation and base for an aligned marketing plan.

email marketing for legal english teacher
Rhea Baliwala
Legal English Teacher

Madrid, Spain

“Cassandra and The Quirky Pineapple Studio are great copywriters and marketing professionals to work with. They helped me with my social media posts and emails and also with a complete launch plan. They were quick to understand my niche (which is fairly technical) and designed some amazing and engaging content for me. I would definitely recommend them! Thank you, Cassandra, for all your help. It was amazing to have your support all through my launch.”