Manage your business communications easily and without fumbling over what to write on an email!

No need to waste your time crafting the perfect email only to rewrite it all over again. With the all-access pass to The Quirky Pineapple Studio (TQPS) Template Vault, save your time stressing over business communications, and instead take a lil’ break for yourself.

We offer an authentic one-stop solution for nailing down all your marketing and business communications.



But, why a template collection?

Glad you asked!

As professional copywriters, we know that, sometimes, writing can feel like the worst chore. Especially when it’s Friday evening, and you still have to either

+ Write six client emails from scratch
+ Draft that important blog article that’s been sitting on your back burner since January
+ Plan your social media content for the week ahead
+ Notify your team of a last-minute change in your workflows
+ Any kind of last-minute writing tasks

Can we agree that these are the moments when
non-threatening writing chores truly become
the most stressful thing ever?


This is why templates are the small-business owner’s ultimate lifesaver. An efficient template allows you to streamline your writing process while helping you maintain a consistent brand voice and tone, regardless of how many writers are involved in your business communications.

When you use templates, you add a layer of consistency to your messaging, making your business stand out.

Have you ever wondered what you could do to:

+ Save time communicating with clients or customers?
+ Create a branded client experience for more repeats and referrals?
+ Have a solid business and marketing plan backing up all your operations and essential decisions?
+ Streamline your content creation, planning, and production processes?
+ Improve your team’s efficiency?

And even more importantly, have you ever found yourself in one of the following pesky situations? 

+ Completely lost when it comes to figuring out your marketing. What product or service should you promote first? And how? You have no clue.

+ Writing out the same repetitive, super-formal pieces day in and day out. You don’t like the style, but your tight budget isn’t enough to pay for a pro copywriter. 

+ Overwhelmed with clients/customer emails, scheduled appointments, and onboarding processes. You don't even know how to respond anymore.

+ Wishing you had a system or outline that could be tweaked and adapted to your daily needs (after all, you’re a proud supporter of team automation!)

If you keep thinking, “Uhm, I may recognize myself there,” 

Then we might be just what you need!


Introducing: the all-access pass for the
one and only TQPS Template Vault!

Our Template Vault is the ultimate one-stop solution for nailing down all your communications.

Yep, you read that right: ALL. YOUR. COMMUNICATIONS.

With this one-of-a-kind pass, you’ll get full access to the TQPS Template Vault's 30+ templates covering the following key business areas:

Brand Strategy

+ Editorial Calendar Template
+ Stats Tracker Template
+ Quarterly Planner and Actions Template
+ & more

Business Strategy

+ Business Plan Template
+ Team Communication Templates
+ SOP Template
+ & more

Client Communications

+ Welcome Packet Template
+ Cold Email Pitch Template
+ Project Timeline Layout
+ & more

Email Marketing

+ Welcome Email Sequence
+ Cold Email Pitch Template
+ Sales & Launch Email Sequence
+ & more

* * COMING SOON! * *

Social Media Copy & Content Creation

+ Editorial Calendar Template
+ Stats Tracker Template
+ Quarterly Planner and Actions Template
+ & more

Website Copywriting

+ Website Structure Template
+ Website Page Prompts
+ Sales Page Prompts
& more

Your all-access pass is THE business communications vault you’ll ever need (bold statement, but we believe it) for running your business smoothly and efficiently. From branding to team management and crisis resolution, our template vault leaves no business area untouched.

You’ll get the very same templates that Team Quirky has been using with 1:1 clients and in internal comms… and this is no small feat!

As a multicultural brand strategy and copywriting studio, we are serious about maintaining an open, inclusive, and non-oppressive communication style throughout our work. We advocate for a culturally aware and intersectional-feminist approach to our brand strategy, copywriting, and content marketing strategies, and our templates reflect these values.

Because of this, the TQPS Template Vault...
✅ Is designed to take into account the needs of service-based, mission-driven business owners who want to change and conquer the world through an authentic brand.
✅ Was put together with the needs of small-business owners in mind. We understand that you may not have the budget to hire an experienced copywriter. And, frankly, we believe that a tight budget should not be an obstacle to great copy!
✅ Comes with continuous support! If you ever feel confused about a template, send us an email, and we’ll help you figure it out.

Theresa Truong, Looplink Coachsulting. Operations coachsultant, systems coach, systems coach smiling.
Theresa Baretta
Systems & Operations Coachsultant

Alberta, Canada

“If you’re looking for a strategic partner who can help you become more present, visible and heard online and on social media, Cassandra and the TQP team is what you’re looking for! They’ll walk with you to make sure your content and your business is taken care of to free up more of your time to focus on what you do best!”


So, let’s recap a bit. When you buy your all-access pass to the TQPS Template Vault, you’ll receive...

+ Full access to our vault of templates, which contains 30+ templates in brand strategy, business strategy, team communications, client communications, and more.

+ A collection of educational videos where we’ll walk you through the essential bits of each template and explain how to use it. 

+ Lifetime updates! The all-access pass will allow you to see and download future Vault additions and updates...at no supplementary cost!

Okay, so what’s the price?

The regular price for all these goodies is 197€ EUR, but we decided to throw in a special offer.

We're giving you the option to pay what you want for the all-access pass!

Yeah, you heard us: you set the price 😉

Wondering if it’s the right fit?

Listen to what others have to say about working with The Quirky Pineapple!

Sara Obando
Intuitive UX Designer

Utah, USA


The TQPS Template Vault all-access pass is perfect for you if...

+ You’re a service-based business on a mission!
+ You’re still not entirely clear about your brand foundations and offerings.  You want templates to help you organize your thoughts and ideas.
+ You want a done-for-you solution that provides templates and communication materials to streamline your processes.
+ You know how to write efficient copy, but you don’t enjoy the process. If you had the budget, this is a task you’ll definitely outsource.

And it’s probably not for you if...

+ You have a fab in-house copywriter.
+ You’re looking to outsource your content creation processes.
+ You already have streamlined processes that work for you and your team.
+ You have a solid operations manual that doesn’t require immediate revisions or tweaks.
+ You’re flooded with prospects itching to buy your services (yes, in your biz waiting lists are a thing).


Here's a quick look at our Packages & Services template!

Designed to help you organize and communicate the value of your services, packages, or offers, the Packages & Services template is a great way streamline your writing process every time you launch something new.

Let’s make streamlining your communications that much easier!

Here's what other business owners are saying about working with The Quirky Pineapple Studio!

Copywriter & Sales Strategist

Portland, Oregon


So, what do you say?

Are you ready to streamline all your communications and finally give your business a solid sense of structure? Then, the all-access pass to our template vault is just what you need.

See you inside the vault!



Will I have unrestricted access to your Template Vault?

Yes! Your all-access pass will allow you to see and download all the templates in our vault. Plus, you’ll get notifications whenever we add new material (which we will do in the upcoming months!).

What happens if I only want access to specific templates?

If you’re sure you only need specific templates, you can always buy those individually. For more info on pricing, send an email inquiry to hello@thequirkypineapple.com.

Will this work for me if I’m not a writer? (In fact, I hate writing!)

We believe it will! Most folx who claim that writing is not their mojo do so because they associate writing with the anxiety that comes from not knowing where to start. The templates eliminate that factor!

If I use your templates, will my copy look like everyone else's?

Not at all. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. The templates provide you with a general outline to use as a starting point. You’re actively encouraged to adapt the outline to your brand’s style and tone. Tweak and improve as much as you need it!


What if I’m a product-based business? I really need some help with my processes!

Our templates are designed with service-based businesses and service providers in mind, some of them can be helpful. For example, our brand strategy templates and social media and content marketing templates. However, the rest of them (like business and client communications) mainly apply to service-based businesses.

What’s your refund policy?

Due to the nature of the digital products, we do not offer refunds to folx once they've bought the All-Access Pass to our Template Shop.

I am a marketing agency. Can I use your templates with my own clients?

By purchasing one all-access pass to The Quirky Pineapple Studio Template Shop, you are purchasing one usage license that is only applicable to you and your business. You cannot use these templates with your clients. If your clients would like to use these templates, they will need to buy their own access to the shop.

If you are looking to use specific brand strategy or marketing strategy templates with your own clients, check out our (R)Evolution of Business & Marketing Certification Program in Cultural Competence & Liberatory Marketing Practices. The certification comes with a license that allows you to use all our templates with your own clients! Check the program here.

I still have questions. Where can I contact you?

Send us an email at hello@thequirkypineapple.com if you can't find your answers here!

life coach for bipoc introverts and hsps
Maria Javier
Thrive Coach for BIPOC Introverts & HSPs

California, USA

“I was really struggling with finding the words to authentically express who I am, who I serve, how I serve, and my offerings. Cassandra made what I thought would be a stressful process much more enjoyable and fun! She asked all the right questions to help me unpack what I was feeling and thinking so that the final message feels refined and aligned. Her insight into how an audience will receive and process information was particularly helpful and taught me how to examine my own messaging. I had a spectacular experience with Cassandra and The Quirky Pineapple Studio and I highly recommend their services.”

Pineapple with flowers

The Quirky Pineapple Studio 

We are a multicultural brand strategy & copywriting studio that helps service-based, mission-driven businesses who want to create an authentic brand presence, give back the power to their communities, and make extraordinary things happen in the process.

We’ve spent the last few years working with an international & global clientele, specifically BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and feminist-run brands, helping them hone in on their story, design culturally competent & feminist marketing strategies, and create content that allows them to communicate their values, grow their community, and increase their impact in the world.