Website Copywriting

Connection Copywriting that Converts into Clients

For service-based businesses ready to share their message

Time to stop hiding behind the work you do...

Let’s get your ideas out, your message heard, and get YOU visible.

Your website won’t convert clients just by design alone. You need copy that connects directly with your clients and stops them mid-scroll. This looks like using intercultural communication, a strong brand message, and YOUR story to connect with your audience to get them saying…

“OH, that’s *exactly* what I need!”

If writing is something you enjoy, but writing for marketing sounds absolutely terrifying - we get it and we can help!

If you’re ready to…

Use the power of your story and message to book out your services

Build a community of people who believe in your mission

And position yourself (or your brand/business) as a thought-leader

Welcome, make yourself at home!

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Together we can make a bigger impact, and yes, sales.

Instead of hiding behind the work you do...

Imagine doing that work with a community that’s moved by your message and your vision. 

If your work already creates positive change and advocates for underrepresented communities… What if you got even more people (clients, sponsors, collaborators) on board, so you can do awesome, inclusive work COLLECTIVELY?

Let’s write some bangin’ copy together! We’ll write the words that help you connect and engage with your audience to make a bigger impact and more revenue.

Side effects tend to include: more client inquiries from aligned prospects, more collaborations with organizations that believe in your mission, and maybe some international Internet stardom.

Ready to share your brand story with website copy?

Our Heartfelt Website Copywriting Package Includes:

A Brand Questionnaire - so we understand your why, mission, vision, values, and can craft your brand voice and personality

60-minute website strategy call - to map out your website pages, review important copywriting details, and get clear on how you want your copy structured

SEO keyword research - so all your copy is written with key SEO keywords in mind, tailored to your industry, clients, and services

Branded Copy Style Guide - a brand messaging guide that houses your entire brand and communication strategy, for any and all future marketing materials

6 Pages of Website Copy - need we say more? 6 pages of personality and heartfelt packed website copy that shares your message

SEO Site Optimization - we’ll upload your website copy to your site backend and optimize it for SEO (that means SEO page titles and meta descriptions), so you don’t have to

Up to 2 revisions - we want to make sure your website copy captures your brand personality & voice, so we offer up to 2 revisions to get it *just* right

30-minute wrap-up call - we’ll review and walk through your entire website together and wrap-up the project with celebrations! 

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Investment: 5.250€ EURO
payment plans available

**We also offer sales page copywriting, landing pages, and launch email sequences. Send us a message to let us know you’re specifically looking for some sales copywriting support!

Graphic designer for small businesses
Melanie Amorim
Graphic Designer

Massachusetts, USA

“It was like Cassandra "knew" what I wanted to say! She was diligent, accurate and down to business getting my website content written. Very refreshing working with her and The Quirky Pineapple Studio. Thank you 🙂”


Our Heartfelt Website Copywriting Package is for you if…

You’ve been DIYing your brand message and although it’s worked before, it’s not connecting like you want or need it to anymore

You’ve been getting A LOT of inquiries to work together (YAY!), but most of your leads aren’t sure what you do, who you help, or how you help... they just know they like your vibe

You’ve been in business for a few years and your message is getting clearer and clearer, it’s time for a refresh of your website copy to speak into your own evolution as a business

Business is growing (*celebrations!*) and as your brand expands, your message needs to encapsulate your mission and vision in a clear and concise way

Our Heartfelt Website Copywriting Package is NOT for you if...

You’re still unclear what your brand message is, who your ideal clients are, and what services you offer (you might want to take a look at our Amplify Your Message Intensive, instead)

You’ve just started your business and are testing and tweaking constantly

This is your first website and you want to set something basic up to get your business going

If you want to DIY your website copy instead, we recommend our Heartfelt Copywriting Bundle! A comprehensive resource to help you showcase your personality and message through genuine and powerful website copy that converts.

This bundle includes a checklist for each page of your website, a guide on how to plan and write website copy, and tons of ideas on how to ensure your personality shines through, without taking away from the power behind your message.


The VIPiña Experience (aka how it works)

Step 1

Get in touch and share all the details! We’ll get on a call to see if it’s a good fit based on your timeline and budget.

If it is, we’ll send over a proposal, contract, and first invoice to secure your spot.

If it’s not, we’ll refer you to other awesome copywriters we know and trust!

Step 2

We’ll send over your Welcome Packet and Branding Questionnaire for you to complete.

Once that’s done, we’ll get on a call to discuss your website strategy and understand more of your vision for your brand message.

Step 3

We get writing! First, we’ll work on your Branded Copy Style Guide, which will be the foundation for your brand message and communication strategy.

Once that’s finalized, we’ll get started on your website copy.

Step 4

TA-DA! Website copy and Branded Copy Style Guide done, after revisions and edits made by you!

We’ll package it all up into documents you can save and return to for the future.

Then, we’ll close the project with a wrap-up call and send over your Goodbye Packet.

Accessible Pricing & Investments

The Heartfelt Website Copywriting package is 5.250€ EURO.

Spain and EU-based companies will be charged VAT unless you are a registered EU VAT holder.

If you are a non-profit, NGO, or registered 501(c)3, we offer sliding scale pricing for projects that align with our core values and beliefs.

life coach for woc changemakers
Nicole Cruz
Life Coach For Changemakers

California, USA

“Thanks so much for your support on my launch! I sold out spots in a week! Your targeted email strategy was so helpful. My open rates were averaging at least 50% with a high of 62%! Thanks for all your help in making this launch so easy.”