Culturally Competent Marketing Workshops & Trainings

For organizations, marketing teams, or your next event

Want to improve your copywriting and content marketing?

We teach how to write copy and create content with a culturally competent, intersectional-feminist lens, that de-centers dominant culture from the narrative to create a more conscious and inclusive marketing strategy.

In today’s social and political climate, words have the power to start and sustain a revolution - one that fosters community, creates positive social change, and gets people invested.

The problem is, a lot of the copywriting and content marketing we see online doesn’t take into account…


Cultural Competence

Especially if you want to create a global and/or international brand


Intersectional-Feminist Lens

For diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging


Anti-Capitalist Lens

For a liberatory marketing strategy - instead of one that glorifies the hustle and grind

If your start-up, organization, or company’s goals are to…

Reach a more diverse audience, with language that is culturally conscious and relevant

Grow your brand awareness as a socially conscious organization

Create content that stands out, builds community engagement, and positions you as the industry leader

Inspire your audience to turn their message into a movement

We believe small businesses (and larger corporations) can create systems change through marketing by turning their message into a movement.

We bring in the sass, energy, and anti-oppressive marketing strategies that your audience and marketing teams need to:

  • Build brand awareness with community-centered marketing and media strategies
  • Create deeper connections with audiences and clients with culturally competent copywriting and marketing
  • Boost their confidence to approach marketing in an inclusive and conscious way for future campaigns

We can educate audiences internationally and globally in English, Spanish, and Spanglish on (but not limited to):


How to attract clients, collaborators, and your community with a bold and clear brand message.

Learn how to communicate exactly what you do, how you do it, and why, so you have cohesive brand communication across all platforms.

Personal Branding

Learn how to leverage your unique culture and identity with your stories, experiences, and expertise to grow your personal brand for more industry opportunities (ie: speaking, media features, brand deals, etc.)

*This workshop can also be tailored to employee personal branding and the benefits for your company.

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Brand Omnipresence

Learn how to create an omnipresent brand and marketing strategy using The Quirky Pineapple Studio’s® “Quirky Octopus™” Framework.

We cover the difference between media & marketing and how to use both to build brand awareness, loyalty, and stay top of mind.

Want to stand out from the competition with a
conscious & inclusive marketing approach?

Our workshops and trainings have been known to get your team or group feeling inspired, bold, and ready to share in a more conscious and inclusive way.

Yes, we get sassy.
Yes, it’s interactive.
Yes, it’s fun.

Let’s improve your team’s copywriting and content marketing skills, so your company creates a more conscious and inclusive marketing strategy. 


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