Culturally Competent Marketing Workshops & Trainings

On brand messaging, copywriting, and content marketing

Want to improve your copywriting and content marketing skills?

Cultural competence, intersectional-feminist lens, and de-centering dominant culture from the narrative to create a more conscious and inclusive marketing strategy.

virtual inclusive copywriting workshop for business focus group

We heard you’re looking for a workshop or training session on copywriting and marketing strategies for your group…

And you thought of us! 🍍

We’re flattered, excited, and pumped! 

In today’s social and political climate, words have the power to start and sustain a revolution - one that fosters community, creates positive social change, and gets people invested.

The problem is, a lot of the copywriting and content marketing we see online doesn’t take into account…


Cultural Competence

Especially if you want to create a global and/or international brand


Intersectional-Feminist Lens

For diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging


Anti-Capitalist Lens

For a liberatory marketing strategy - instead of one that glorifies the hustle and grind

If your start-up, organization, or company’s goals are to…

Reach a more diverse audience, with copy that is culturally conscious and relevant

Grow your brand awareness as a socially conscious organization

And expand your network from solely folks from the United States and Canada, to other areas of the world

Let’s co-create an interactive and entertaining training together!

Our workshops and trainings have been known to get your team or group feeling inspired, bold, and ready to share in a more conscious and inclusive way.

virtual social media marketing workshop in spain

Yes, we get sassy.
Yes, it’s interactive.
Yes, it’s fun.

(Or so we’ve been told)

Let’s improve your team’s copywriting and content marketing skills, so your company creates a more conscious and inclusive marketing strategy. 

Side effects tend to include: more client inquiries from aligned prospects, more collaborations with organizations that believe in your mission, and maybe some international Internet stardom.

Want to stand out from the competition with a
conscious & inclusive copywriting approach?

Copywriting & Marketing Workshops and Trainings Include:

group of small business owners in Cartagena, Colombia

Up to 2hrs workshop & training session - an interactive and engaging session where we come in to facilitate a workshop & training session, with interactive activities to practice culturally conscious copywriting

Recorded session (if virtual) - you are able to record the session if it is virtual to keep for your own records

Follow-up materials - receive additional resources, templates, and activities to continue your team’s journey to writing consciously and inclusively

Get in touch for a custom quote for your training session

**We also offer sliding scale pricing for small-business owners and focus groups.

parenting coach in madrid
Denise Suarez
Parenting Coach

Madrid, Spain

“I attended Cassandra's Leadership in Community workshop and it left me wanting more! We worked on our mission statement and elevator pitch and it was nice to receive constructive feedback on them.”


Accessible Pricing & Investments

Spain and EU-based companies will be charged VAT unless you are a registered EU VAT holder.

If you are a non-profit, NGO, or registered 501(c)3, we offer sliding scale pricing for groups that align with our core values and beliefs.

community and impact strategist in berlin
Margherita Sgorbissa
Community & Impact Strategist

Berlin, Germany

“I just want to say again how much this program changed my life and business and how much confidence, clarity, and practical tools it gave me to be able to move forward with FairForce. It has been a great, life-changing experience! Thank you for making this possible!”