Use Your Voice Mastermind (Old)

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Use Your Voice Mastermind

A 4-month mastermind and community space for mission-driven, service-based business owners who identify as womxn, BIWOC, trans, or non-gender binary people.

This mastermind is for the revolutionary, fierce, and multicultural business owner, you!, who is ready to move through tight-fitting boxes and labels, social stereotypes, and ‘business rules’ to create a business and lifestyle that encapsulates you, all of you, with the quirks, sass, and honesty that we know you have.

Use Your Voice Mastermind is for business owners who want a strong business and marketing foundation, for increased visibility and community growth.

You want sustainable business and marketing practices, that don’t make you bend over backward to fit the mold, but allow you to live your life!

If these thoughts have ever crossed your mind:

  • You want to stick it to the patriarchy and be your own badass CEO.
  • You want to make an impact within your community and make money so you can GIVE BACK and co-create opportunities with your people.
  • You’ve got opinions, lots of them… even if you don’t share them, and you want to openly share your thoughts about causes you believe in, without ‘worrying it will hurt business’
  • And you know incremental change and impact is possible, YOU can be part of your clients’ journey with the story and message you have.

We bet you are already using your voice in your life, in ways YOU may not even know. The next step is to OWN it and RAISE it just a little louder because you have something to say and a business to build! You know your message deserves to be heard by the people it can help most. You’re ready to push the ‘status quo’ we’ve all been taught and share your message and services with a larger audience, getting more visible.

So what happens next? Well, the choice is yours. Are you ready to USE YOUR VOICE to increase your income, impact, and influence? We’ll leave it to you.


Client Wins & Results

Use Your Voice Mastermind

4-month mastermind and community space for mission-driven, service-based business owners who identify as womxn, BIWOC, trans, or non-gender binary people.

If you’re tired of hearing ridiculous claims that WE can’t speak up, like:

  • “You’re being too loud!”
  • “Why are you always looking for attention?”
  • “You’re making it a big deal…”
  • “[ INSERT LABEL HERE ] don’t do that…”

Welcome to the club, we’re tired of hearing all of that, too.

In this mastermind, we’ll be co-creating a community space and program together where we’ll create sustainable business and marketing practices that counter white supremacy, the patriarchy, and manipulative and shameful marketing tactics.

We believe USING YOUR VOICE means doing the inner work, applying it to our social systems, and collaborating with your community to make lasting impact.

This mastermind and community space is for you if…

  • You are a CEO, Founder, or Visionary and you’re ready to take up space, even if thinking about it too much makes you nervous (we get that, too).
  • You’ve been in business for 1-2 years and want to increase your visibility, but haven’t found the strategy that works best for you without burnout.
  • You’re a service-based business owner and want to explore how you can create a hybrid service and passive income model.
  • You have a message and a story that you’re ready to share and are ready to be seen as a speaker, thought-leader, or personal brand.
  • You’ve always felt a little ‘out of place’ in your life, and instead of seeing it as something negative, you’re realizing this is what makes YOUR VOICE so powerful.
  • You view yourself as an underdog and are tired of being overlooked and devalued by white supremacist, patriarchal, and capitalist standards, and are ready to speak up.
  • You are ready to be SEEN and CELEBRATED for all you are.
  • You’re ready to be in a community space that supports, nurtures, and listens, without pushing ‘white acceptance’ and ‘patriarchal’ standards in your face in marketing and business.
  • You’re ready to increase your income, impact, and influence, while ALSO bringing your community up with you.


You probably already know this, but we want to remind you…

Your voice holds power, your story and message deserve to be shared, and you can let go of shame, imposter syndrome, fear, and societal acceptance to fully step into the spotlight to create the income and impact you know you can have.

When you are self-aware and socially conscious, you don’t have to ‘stay humble’ and shy away from your accomplishments. You can show up fiercely and confidently as ALL OF YOU because you deserve this space and you deserve to be heard.

Alright, we gotta ask you again. Are you ready to USE YOUR VOICE to rock the business and marketing space?


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This isn’t a ‘one-size’ fits all and blanket business and marketing mastermind. We at Team Quirky have designed it to be an immersive, co-created experience that takes into account your goals, the lifestyle you want, as well as, your culture, experience, and background.

The mastermind is only open to 10 participants and is an investment of 3500€ (+ IVA for European/Spain-based clients). Yes, payment plans are available, as well as, scholarship opportunities.

We combine 1:1 strategy and coaching with group coaching calls, as well as implementation sessions so you have dedicated time to integrate everything we’ve covered.

This mastermind focuses on showing up in your greatness, while creating a community and business that is sustainable and aligned to you, without always being ‘on’.

This is a community space, which means we will create the lessons together. I share my knowledge about branding, business, and marketing, but I will also invite YOU to share your own expertise and experience with the group. There will be monthly guest experts to share business and lifestyle strategies to help you show up wholeheartedly and confidently.

The network and community created within the mastermind is based on honest connection and support. This community is one that I am extremely proud of!

You don’t need to ‘do business as always’, nor do you need to ‘find your voice’.
You have a voice, now is the time to use it to create business YOUR way.


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Client Wins & Realizations


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Meet Cassandra Le

Brand Strategist, Copywriter, and Founder of The Quirky Pineapple Studio

Cassandra Le is the founder of The Quirky Pineapple Studio (TQP Studio), a brand strategy and copywriting studio. She is an award-winning marketing expert, was a contributing author in BRANDING QUICKIES, ranked #1 on Amazon in leadership, and has given workshops in English and Spanish in various countries around the world.

She has over a decade of experience in copywriting, content creation, and social media. At TQP Studio, she works with service-based businesses who are mission-driven, helping them share their message and impact through strategic storytelling and engaging content to increase their visibility online and in-person and grow their communities.

When she’s not working behind her laptop, you can find her exploring neighborhood cafés in Madrid (her adopted home), getting lost in translation in Spanish, or watching movie trailers and mukbangs on YouTube!

Use Your Voice Mastermind

All the details and logistics

This is a 4-month mastermind program for revolutionary, fierce, and multicultural business owners who are ready to grow their visibility with their message, to create income, impact, and influence within their personal lives and community.

We begin November 2020 with a kick-off call and orientation.

All our calls will be held on ZOOM, with replays for people who cannot join live. If you are part of the Deaf or Hard of Hearing Community, please let us know so we can find the best option that can cater to your needs.

If you’re ready to expand your brand, share your story, and amplify your voice, as well as, speak up for causes and issues you believe in… this is your mastermind.





The Use Your Voice Mastermind is built on 4 pillars:

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Or the fluffy word, ‘mindset’, but it goes deeper than that! We believe to create a sustainable and impactful business, it requires first cultivating self-awareness and our mindset, and then applying it to our social systems, through social awareness. We’ll dive into your story, experiences, and background, how that plays a part in the world, and creating a foundation that aligns with you, and how you can best help your clients.

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Systems and processes help us have a business that SUPPORTS our lifestyle, instead of a business that IS our life. We’ll be looking through your data, processes, and structures to make sure that you have a system that works with your energy levels, lifestyle, and goals, instead of blindly following trends or what ‘everyone else is doing’.

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Your story deserves to be shared, and by sharing more of our stories, we can create massive waves of impact. We’ll get into human-centered marketing, amplifying voices and stories, and value-driven branding that doesn’t draw on manipulative marketing tactics!

Say goodbye to manipulation and hello to empowering and educating action!

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Once we’ve set the foundation for a strategic marketing and visibility plan (that’s human-centered), this is where we’ll be working together to implement and take action on everything we’ve covered. We’ll co-create a roadmap that feels aligned to you – so you can show up with full confidence to share your story, message, and services.

In turn, growing your community further.

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What you'll receive in the mastermind:

  • 6 Core content modules
  • 90min 1:1 kickoff call
  • 2 x 30min call or 1 x 60min call a month
  • 90min group coaching calls (monthly)
  • Monthly masterclasses
  • 90min CEO integration days to work ON the business (monthly)
  • Voxer + email support between calls and private FB Group
  • Copy revisions without manipulative marketing
  • Customized resources, templates, frameworks, presentations, etc.
  • 4-months access to Content Studio membership platform
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The Quarterly Virtual Retreat

Our Raise Your Voice, Virtual Retreat involves:

  • Dedicated time to audit and review what’s working or not in your business
  • Sharing and learning new strategies and tools to implement
  • Co-working time to start implementing these strategies immediately
  • Hot seats and group brainstorming with international business owners and experts for new ideas, ways to do business, and broadening our vision

Ready to be SEEN and CELEBRATED?

Monthly Guest Experts

We aren’t the experts on everything, which is why we invite YOU to share your expertise with the group, as well as, invite monthly guest experts to share additional information on building and maintaining a sustainable business and marketing plan. Each month we’ll have a live call and Q&A session with a guest expert.

Past experts have been:

  • Intuitive Personal Stylist
  • SEO Consultant
  • Money & Wealth Coach
  • Systems & Operations Coachsultant

Apply to the Use Your Voice Mastermind!

small business owner excited about her goals holding iphone and microphone

Own your voice.

Raise it – ’cause you deserve to be heard.

Use your voice to create the impact you want, and your community needs.


We’ll see you in the mastermind.




“It was such a pleasure to work with Cassandra on creating a unique branding strategy for my business! Her professionalism, knowledge, and encouraging outlook was so refreshing and made for a great experience. She listened carefully to my branding concerns, answered any questions I had, and took the time to get to know me as an individual and an entrepreneurial artist. Cassandra tailored the entire process based on my unique needs as a creative professional. She asked all the right questions to make me think carefully and deliberately about the “why” and “who” of my brand and taught me how to translate everything into a digital, visual representation for potential clients and agencies to browse. If your business could use a tune-up with its branding message, definitely consider The Quirky Pineapple!” – Alethea Spencer