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Something’s gotta give…

When did travel become more about the perfect Instagram shot, the punniest caption, or showing people how cool you are because you’re in exotic places? Travel is a way to connect with people, with cultures, and kick your ego to the curb. Why do you travel? What has it taught you? What have you learned? In this Instagram rebellion, we’re inviting as many people as possible to open the discussion of WHY you travel, what it has taught you, and why you spend your hard earned money on it.

Why an Instagram rebellion?

Lately, I’ve been scrolling through Instagram and social media feeds, leaving with an immense feeling of FOMO. I started comparing the way I travel to what I was seeing on social media. I felt pressure to travel faster, travel everywhere, and create this “picture perfect” lifestyle. There seems to be a trend in the travel influencer industry, of glamorous shots, traveling the “Instagram way”, and globetrotting through the world like everyone could do it. But, there’s one thing missing, hearing people’s experiences after they’ve traveled.

Travel showed me beautiful landscapes, gorgeous backdrops, and amazing sights, but it also showed me more than that.

Opening the dialogue

#travelismorethaninstagram is a rebellion against those beautiful and glamorous photos on social media that make you feel sorry for yourself because you’re not as cool. This campaign is for people to open up the conversation with their audience and with others to share what travel means to them. When we share our experiences, we create connection and relationships. When we travel, it’s more than the likes and photos, or the witty captions; we’re there to connect, learn, and grow. Travel isn’t just about the perfect social media post, it’s the beautiful views AND the lesson that came with it.

So, are you in to join the rebellion?

#travelismorethaninstagram -- The Quirky Pineapple

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Let me give you a little run down of how we’re doing this:

  1. Sign up and take part in the movement
    Sign up for the rebellion to show that there’s MORE to travel than a social media post! Send in your Instagram handle and be part of the list of rebels who are changing it up!
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  3. Post with the hashtag #travelismorethaninstagram
    During June 5-7 post your travel why to Instagram or social media and watch the magic unfold. While you’re posting on social media and switching up the conversation, we’re building a community of thoughtful travelers!
  4. Build community, relationships, and hear stories from other travelers
    Scroll through the hashtag and hear other people’s stories, their lessons learned, and why the choose to continue traveling. Banning together to create a rebellion, we’re opening the dialogue for thought driven experiences and connecting with each other!

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My message is that travelers can stop comparing and competing with each other on Instagram/social media, and find the true joy of travel and adventure when they take the time to reflect on their trips and be intentional in life and travel. I want everyone to feel included, welcomed, and invited. Travel isn’t just for the “elite cool people”, it’s something we are very privileged to be able to do. When we’re open and honest with this, we create a space of inclusiveness and opportunity for others.

 #travelismorethaninstagram -- The Quirky Pineapple

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