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Ready to grow your business sustainably, without manipulative marketing, outdated strategies, and with social impact in mind?

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"Business and marketing strategies can be used as a tool to create systemic change in our industries"

Small businesses, freelancers, creators, and marketers are the folx leading the (r)evolution - showing others that business and marketing are not “one-size-fits-all”.

What if business and marketing didn’t have to be so ‘cut & dry’ and instead allowed space and creativity to reimagine structures and systems based on your culture, identity, stories, and experiences?

What if your business could giveback to your community, while continuing to provide for the lifestyle you dream of - and your marketing was a tool to amplify that?

Ok, now you’re speaking our language!

We’re here for ALLA THAT, and for you to have a business AND marketing strategy that connects you to more of your ideal clients, builds an international and global community-base, and yeah… also burns down the system to rebuild it.


Do you ever feel like this?

Like all the business and marketing advice on the Internet skips over the part about how to systemically create change and impact with your business?

Things like…

  • How do I sustainably grow my business, while also adding a giveback component?
  • What’s the best way to expand my audience, while also connecting with them in a deeper way? Can you do both at the same time?
  • How do I write copy and share content that aligns with my values, without sounding inauthentic or performative?
  • How can I scale my business without selling my soul to capitalism? (no, but… really)
  • How do I market in a way that matches my culture, identity, stories, and values? Or how can I do that for my clients?

You can have a mission-driven business without selling your soul to capitalism or playing into all the other oppressive systems that dictate our society.

AND you can have a marketing plan that aligns with your values, speaks to your multicultural clients, and shares your do-good message.

Through cultural competence and liberatory business and marketing strategies, you have the power to (r)evolutionize your industry and shift cultures to create positive change.

For us, and some of our clients - this has looked like:

  • Understanding and leaning into the strengths we have in our culture, identities, and stories - to create marketing content that connects to our ideal community
  • Building a thriving business with sustainable marketing strategies, without succumbing to manipulation or FOMO-tactics
  • Having a business with a social impact mission and being able to giveback to our communities, clients, and other areas we believe in
  • Increasing our income (and profits) sustainably, without falling into the trap of hustle-culture and exploitation (of ourselves and others)
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A 7-month mastermind for business owners, marketers, and creators to sustainably grow their business while also creating systemic change in their industries - in their own way.

(R)Evolution of Business & Marketing Cataylzer, let’s call it REBM Cataylzer for short, is a 7-month business and marketing mastermind to help you apply a culturally competent and liberatory lens to your business and marketing - giving you the tools and support to use your business AND marketing to shift cultures and create change.

Small businesses, marketers, and creators are gaining more power in the social world to influence change, shift perspectives, and catalyze new visions.

Meanwhile, consumers and clients are becoming more savvy to “sneaky” marketing tactics and are holding brands and businesses accountable for doing more than “selling something” for profit.

The (R)Evolution of Business and Marketing has already started - we need your ideas and action to make it happen.

So instead of “cookie-cutter”, “traditional”, and “status-quo” business and marketing advice - we’re giving you something deeper. You get the tools to understand how culture, identity, liberation, and a shared vision for change can be the catalyst for you to do things differently.


REBM CATALYZER can teach you how to:

  • Apply an intersectional-feminist and anti-capitalist lens to your business and marketing strategies, so you’re aware of harmful tactics used in business and marketing and find a different approach that works with your culture and mission
  • Design (or implement) different marketing strategies that align with your values and message, attracting more of your ideal clients, community members, and supporters
  • Write copy and content that converts & connects, without using manipulative tricks that play into shame or FOMO
  • Build a business and marketing foundation, so you show up fully in your culture, identity, stories, and message (or help your clients do the same)

Thinking of joining the (r)evolution?

Check out what other business owners and clients have to say about working with us!

Sara Obando
Intuitive UX Designer

Utah, USA

Aneakaleigh-Ann Neils
Self-Reinvention Guide

Trinidad & Tobago


(R)Evolution of Business & Marketing Catalyzer is a 7-month mastermind that includes:

  • 4 video modules with up to 4 videos per lesson
  • Bi-weekly 1hr feedback calls
  • Monthly 1:1 30min calls with Cassandra
  • Private network to connect with others
  • LIVE feedback on writing and content
  • Guest speakers and sessions
  • Worksheets and handouts to help you implement these strategies
  • Unlimited support in the private network
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Join REBM Catalyzer and start shifting cultures through your business and marketing - while staying aligned to your values and mission!


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499,63€ EUR

Rhina Ju Headshot
Rhina Ju
Multidisciplinary Coach, Designer, Strategist for Multicultural Thought Leaders

Alberta, Canada

“Before working with Cassandra at TQP, I was pretty stuck in my industry's status quo. I was sitting in all my ideas and passions without knowing how to make the transition and become visible in my values and story coherently, which required shifting from lifestyle marketing to liberatory marketing. I'm also multicultural and multi passionate to the ninth degree.

Cassandra was incredible with bringing together my stories, passions, methods, values and personality into a branded copy styling guide for my personal brand, which has been on the back burner for too long. The brand strategy also gives me the flexibility to try new things without going off tangent.I felt supported and heard throughout the process. I am so excited, inspired and focused on my mission for a new chapter in my career.”

Groupal working

Take a look at the curriculum over the next 7 months!


Cultural Competence & Globalization

Learn how psychology, sociology, and anthropology play a role in brand strategy and marketing. Understand the relationship between YOU-WORLD and the influence & impact this has in our business and marketing.

You'll shift your perspective to understand the power small businesses, marketers, and creators have in our currect economy


Liberatory Marketing Framework

Learn an updated marketing framework that looks through "traditional" maketing strategies with an intersectional-feminist and anti-capitalist lens - then learn how you can apply it to your clients.

We'll be going over feminist copywriting, liberatory marketing, and  how to remove manipulative marketing from your toolbox.


Sustainable Sales Strategies

Once we've got the liberatory marketing strategies down - next is to talk about growth and sales, with an anti-capitalist lens.

In this module you'll learn launch stategies from a copywriting and marketing perspective, how to plan a launch, attract leads, and convert.

Also, you'll learn how to retain clients to build a repeat client network.


Business Growth & Scalability

Business and marketing are not just acout sales and growth - it's also about sustainable operations, logistics, and a smooth backend

In this module we'll go over sustainable operations, finances, scability, income streams, and how to add a giveback component to your business without burning out.

Group session call


brand strategist with pineapple, copywriter holding pineapple, the quirky pineapple studio

Cassandra Le (she/they)

Hi! I’m Cassandra, a first-generation, daughter of Vietnamese refugees, a Vietnamese-American, non-gender conforming, immigrant living in Spain. I am a Brand & Visibility Strategist and Copywriter. I believe business and marketing can be fun and can be used to help historically marginalized folx build generational wealth and rock the system (read: BURN IT DOWNNN - and rebuild it!)

My goal is to help brands and people amplify their message through their business and marketing, while also shifting cultures and living their very best life. I love growing businesses and playing with marketing experiments, and I hope other folx do the same!

The Quirky Pineapple Studio ®

The Quirky Pineapple Studio ® is a brand strategy & content marketing studio for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and Feminist-run brands and businesses, who want to connect with their community through story and content. 

We help you share your message and get visible through content, so you not only use your business to dismantle systems of oppression, you’re giving back to your community to do the same.

Pineapple with flowers

Meet your Support Mentor & Sessions

Headshot Nailah Ling

Nailah King (she/her/hers)
Support Mentor

Caribbean diaspora; born in St Vincent, immigrated to Canada as a toddler and became a citizen, immigrated and is a UK resident living in Scotland.

Shiva Roofeh Headshot

Shiva Roofeh (she/her)
Cultural Intelligence

Iranian-American. Jewish and Muslim. Immigrant. Refugee. Expat. Leader. Shiva is a Cultural Intelligence Expert & Mindfuck Master.

Saranel Benjamin Headshot

Saranel Benjamin (she/her)
Colonialism & Imperialism in Business

I am a daughter of African soil, descendant of Indian indentured labour, living in the seat of Empire (the UK) and work as the Head of Partnerships at Oxfam

Saskia Dure Headshot

Saskia Dure (she/they)
Ableism & Anger in Branding

Life Coach and first-generation Haitian-American who’s lived most of their life in the South. They’ve just returned to the USA after 3 years in Spain.

Elisabet Garcia

Elisabet Garcia (she/they)
Accessible Language for a Global Audience

Global Education DEI Specialist who was a first-gen, low-income multicultural Latina student turned 4x scholar abroad.


The (R)Evolution of Business & Marketing Catalyzer is for rebellious…

  • Business owners
  • Marketers
  • And Creators

Reshape the way you do business and marketing - for yourself and your clients.

  • Make business more community-centered.
  • De-center dominant culture.
  • Use words to create impact and change.

We understand that this course might not be for everyone, but if you’ve made it this far...there’s definitely something calling out to you!

This is for you if...

  • You have a solid business concept - whether selling services or products
  • You’re mission-driven and impact-driven in your goals
  • You want to use your business and voice to do good
  • You want to apply cultural competence and a decolonized lens to your work
  • You want to build a sustainable and holistic business and marketing plan that’s strategic and impactful
  • You help your clients with their own businesses and/or marketing (either as a coach or consultant)

Are you ready to shift cultures and create positive social impact through your business AND marketing?

Victoria Sangalang Headshot
Victoria Sangalang
Empowerment & Mindset Coach

Texas, United States

“I love the high energy of The Quirky Pineapple Studio community. Everyone is so helpful and insightful.

Cassandra does an amazing job hosting, facilitating, and organizing the events and programs. Because of that, the events (workshops/meetups, etc) are presented in a way that feels open and ready for me (and everyone else, I'm sure!) to receive and contribute value. I have been able to see my business from a birdseye view from the systems and processes I've learned from TQPS.

I'm more organized and definitely feel more confident to tackle my tasks and serve my clients in a way that shows them how much they mean to me! Thank you!!!”


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