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5-step market research process for content marketing

5-Step Market Research Process (that isn’t boring or daunting!)

Your favorite brand sends out a quick quiz after you’ve bought something from their online shop. It’s a short survey asking for your feedback on the newest product you’ve just bought and they want to know what you think! You may not know this, but they’re conducting market research for…

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We’re a brand strategy & copywriting studio for mission-driven, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and Feminist-run brands and businesses who want to increase their visibility and connect with their communities through the power of story and content. We share tips & advice on how to make marketing (and business) fun!

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Heartfel Copywriting Bundle

The Heartfelt Copywriting Bundle

A comprehensive resource to help you write personality-filled website copy and share your message through powerful words that convert your readers to clients. Learn how to write your own website copy with this bundle!